Equine HoPE's and Dreams Therapeutic Riding

Equine Hope's and Dreams Therapeutic Riding

"In Riding a horse, we borrow Freedom" ~ Author Unknown

Equine HoPE's and Dreams

 Exciting News- Equine Hopes and Dreams has now opened a second and main location at the beautiful Brae Mhor Farms located in Central Saanich!! More details to come...


  I am delighted to announce that as of May 15 2016 "Equine HoPE's  and Dreams " will be accepting new clients for our therapeutic riding program.  We have just added a new lesson program tailored to your individual needs, Providing one on one facilitation between horse and rider.

My goal at "Equine HoPE's  and Dreams" is to help build children and adults with diverse needs and abilities confidence, no matter how big or small the challenges are.  I want to Help empower people with disabilities feel successful, ultimately our goal is to turn disabilities into abilities.

As a mother to 2 children with special needs I have had the opportunity to experience horses in a whole new way, not just as an athlete but as a partner.  I have been blessed to witness the power of a horse and child's bond.

Providing one on one facilitated care "Equine HoPE's and Dreams" will be offering natural horsemanship, groundwork, sensory programs and riding lessons with our special horses for your special loved ones.